Elizabeth Revelely Radical Self Care – Body Spirit and Mind in Tune With Breathing and Water

I just had the most amazing session in what people call self care or radical self care but I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical at first. The thought that the simple things like breathing, water and thought could turn ones life around was one that I couldn’t grasp until I checked it out.

So I went for an hour consultation to meet a radical self care specialist here in Hawaii and right off the bat, she made me fell relaxed just based on her presence. She sat me down and started to point out that the way I was breathing or lack thereof was the first step to a better life.

After explaining to me the aspect of breathing correctly, we proceeded to do an exercise with the diaphragm. It was completely amazing. I didn’t realize how much I was restricting my breathing/flow of oxygen to my body with a tense diaphragm.

Then we spent time on in-depth knowledge and understanding of the power of water and how it is the single most underrated bit of information among the public. She told me that water is life and that many take it for granted and don’t drink enough of it to keep the body completely hydrated. The main reason for that is that there are so many “water substitutes” that stimulate the sense of taste (soda, flavored drinks) that people are not interested in water.

And finally, the power of choice. I think we all struggle with some kind of faith in the power of thought. She spent time and talked to me about the power of thought in a way were she herself seemed to be in such command of. She didn’t talk about the power of thought for things like money and wealth but for peace of mind. From what she had been talking to me about I had my own break-through and realized that on the surface, the power of thought pertained to will-power; the one thing that seems to be my biggest challenge.

I guess to write this is to let me know that I have accepted what I thought was a fad type movement as a way of life. The form of radical self care was not so much radical as it was an understanding that we as a people have gone way beyond the scope of self maintenance with seeking quick fixes instead of techniques that we were born with and already know.


Beat the Summer Heat – Cooling Crystals That Soothe the Mind, Body and Soul

As the long, hot summer days roll around and the sun makes its most profound entrance, the effects of its presence can sometimes be more far-reaching and effectual than you may realize. During heat waves the body has to work much harder to maintain a normal temperature. Excessive heat can not only result in serious health threats by pushing the human body beyond its limits, but can also have an effect on your mental, emotional and spiritual states of mind as well. Heat cramps, exhaustion and strokes are among the possible physical challenges you might experience, but more common is dehydration. However, the heat can also turn up the possibilities for irritability, stress, frustration, tendency towards intolerance, aggression and confrontation, lack of energy, lack of interest in new ventures, and over-stimulation that draws you outward and away from your inner needs.

There are many measures you can take to prevent heat-related illnesses including avoiding too much sun and extreme temperature changes, slowing down and avoiding strenuous activity, staying indoors as much as possible and keeping your space cool, wearing loose, lightweight and light-colored clothing covering as much skin as possible, protecting your skin with SPF and protecting face and head with hats, planning major activities for early morning or evening, and especially drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day, avoiding alcoholic beverages. However, another supportive tactic can be found in wearing and surrounding yourself with crystals that contain within them cooling elements to help adjust more than just your physical temperature, but your overall state of being. These crystals support a calming and beneficial effect that supports a return to harmony and balance during the summer months.

Crystals can and have been used for healing or environmental enhancements for millennia. They possess unique properties and subtle vibrations that affect the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of being. Since ancient times, healers have been familiar with the fact that crystals possess varying energies and can either be energizing or more calming; sedating or stimulating. So choosing a crystal for its calming properties can help soothe your summer heat experience and help return balance and harmony to your life.

Crystal guides, such as The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall, can be used to decipher the properties of crystals and help you find what you are looking for, but sometimes merely the color of the crystal can be very telling, as in the ocean color of aquamarine expressing its calming elements. The following crystals are amongst several that would be beneficial in creating that watery experience when dry, hot days seem never-ending:

Blue Lace Agate: brings peace of mind with its soft, cooling and calming energy

Amazonite: extremely soothing and calms brain and nervous system

Amethyst: mentally calms

Apatite: reduces irritability and overcomes emotional exhaustion

Apophyllite: calms and grounds the spirit

Aquamarine: calming, reduces stress as well as quiets the mind, harmonizes, invokes tolerance

Blue Calcite: gentle stone for recuperation and relaxation, lowers blood pressure, soothes nerves

Blue Sapphire: tranquility, calms mind and tension

Chalcedony: brings mind, body, emotion and spirit into harmony

Chrysocolla: tranquil, serene, calming and reduces mental tension

Chrysoprase: inspires tolerance, calms overexcitement, cooling, takes heat out of situations

Lapis Lazuli: cool and calming, releases stress, balancing

Larimar: radiates peace, promotes tranquility, brings calmness and equilibrium

Moonstone: calms overreactions to situations and emotional triggers

Rose Quartz: infinite peace, calming, cooling, sedating

Selenite: calming, deep peace, quieting

As we approach the heated summer months and continue to navigate in these times of change, it is crucial to find ways to help support a return to peace and harmony. Keeping your body and emotions from getting “too hot” becomes essential and there are many ways you can help facilitate a “cool down” that can not only benefit you personally, but on a collective level as well. Crystals are one such tool that can promote calming tendencies on physical and emotional levels, thus promoting overall well being.

Part II: The Mind-Body-Faith Phenomenon: The Physiology of Optimism, Hope and Prayer

When striving to make positive health and attitudinal changes, it is important to remember that ones’ physical health, mental health, and spiritual health may depend on putting aside negativity and opting for a more positive lifestyle. This is not to say that all illnesses are controlled by the mind; they are not. But as an RN, I am hard-pressed to find a single medical condition that is not affected in some way by stress beyond the appendix. With that said, when the mind is worry-free and fear-free, as is the case when one prays, it is subsequently possible to adopt a more optimistic, hope-filled perspective, as endorphins are released into the body and travel across the brain and body to promote mind-body healing.

We have all heard the saying, “It’s all in your head.” Well, that is a very harsh thing to say to anyone, let alone someone who is not feeling well. However, when we recognize the mind as the ‘head of the mind-body connection,’ it pulls a lot of weight, as it challenges us at times to change our thinking, and adjust our attitude for maximal wellness in body, mind and spirit.

Like a self-fulfilling prophecy, a glum, negative outlook will likely reap poor results-socially, emotionally, mentally, and physically–especially in terms of general health and wellness. If you suffer from insomnia and say aloud you know you won’t sleep that night, you probably won’t. If you are given a new medication and are convinced it won’t work, the same is true as you may be allowing negativity to enter the situation. Positive thinking is central to realizing positive health outcomes. What we think and say matters, as they both affect our belief system, and the ability to heal.

On the other hand, positive thinking is necessary for optimal health and wellness in body, mind and spirit. With a positive attitude, you are able to look ahead with hope and certainty. A positive outlook, fueled by prayer, can allow a person to believe there is a power greater than themselves to help them at every turn, and to heal. It allows people to look forward with hopefulness rather than hopelessness and despair. This new found optimism not only opens wide the gates to improved health and quality of life, but it has, time and again, changed people’s body chemistry and promoted healing.

Adopting a positive-thinking lifestyle can allow almost anyone to change their perspective and be more at peace, hence boosting their metabolism and ability to heal. To a large degree, positive thinking alters body chemistry, and decreases the amount of cortisol in the body, effectively promoting maximal health in mind, body and spirit, hence the Mind-Body-Spirit Phenomenon, thus enhancing overall health and the promotion of maximal health.

Mind Body Connection – Do You Feel It?

Are you aware of the connection between your mind and body? How often do you feel that connection? Do you notice the effect of your thoughts upon the sensations in your body? And do you realize how much your body sensations alter your thoughts? Change one and you change the other.

There is NO SEPARATION between mind and body. Our body does not act on its own accord. Even so-called involuntary body responses are, in fact, regulated by our own thoughts. Advanced yogis and others have revealed that with our bodies are capable of performing feats we do not ordinarily believe is possible:

• we can control and slow down our breathing

• we can keep our body temperature in freezing waters or walking on hot coals

• we can pierce our bodies with sharp metals without pain and leaving no scars

• we can twist and bend our bodies into all sorts of contorted positions

• we can balance on tight ropes and perform amazing gymnastics stunts

• we can break world racing records or perform a perfect Olympic routine

Anything that has ever been created by a human was first conceived in someone’s mind and later created and designed into physical form. Every cell in our body functions according to the instructions provided by our DNA with the assistance of our living mind.

When our heart stops beating and our brain stops working, our body does not continue to function. Our legs do not walk. Our arms no longer lift. Our eyes do not see. Our brain and our mind control all of our body functions. Our body responds to the thoughts in our mind.

Change the thoughts and the cells in our body will respond. We literally wear our emotions all over our body. Just observe the posture of someone who is depressed (shoulders slumped, downward gaze). Then observe the posture of someone who has just succeeded at something he or she really wanted (standing tall, smiling, head held high, perhaps arms up in the air).

Our body doesn’t lie. It reveals to us the way we have been thinking and feeling. If we have been really bothered by someone in our life, perhaps that person has literally become “a pain in our neck.” If we are feeling unsupported emotionally and/or financially, we may develop severe back aches. If we feel we want to run away from a situation that we cannot leave, we may develop foot, ankle, knee or leg problems.

The solution to healing your emotions and your body is to pay attention to your thoughts and to also pay attention to your body symptoms. There may be some important messages about what is working, not working and perhaps needs to change in your life, your lifestyle, your emotional state or your relationships. The mind/body connection cannot be ignored.